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The Yemen Crisis

The crisis in Yemen is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, affecting about 80% of the population. Nearly 12 million children are in need of humanitarian assistance. The Covid-19 pandemic is only worsening matters, as basic PPE (personal protective equipment) such as gloves and masks are in low supply. Sanitation equipment is being depleted and there is a lack of fresh, clean water to sustain Yemen’s population. This chain of events are aiding an increase in infection rates, yet many healthcare workers are earning little to no salary. As such, the number of those in need far outweigh the number of those in Yemen who can help.

These are only a few of the hardships Yemen is enduring at the moment. After years of indiscriminate artillery attacks, arbitrary torture, detentions, and enforced disappearances, attacks on civil society, violence against women, abuse of migrants, and blocking and impeding of humanitarian access, Yemen is in a time of chaos and its future looks bleak.

However, there are many groups trying to aid Yemen in its time of need. Organizations like Unicef and Save the Children are working to protect the education and health of Yemen’s children, while Doctors Without Borders and The International Rescue Committee are tackling Yemen’s weak medical defenses against both basic ailments and the current Covid-19 pandemic.

To do your part in putting an end to Yemen’s suffering, try donating to reputable sites and organizations that focus on humanitarian aid in Yemen’s medical field and child wellbeing. Every donation helps when help is the most sought for resource in Yemen right now.

Kaitlyn Thitibordin

Co-Founder & Creative Director


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