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Small Businesses & Covid Impact

Life as we know it has drastically changed ever since Covid-19 and the ensuing quarantining turned the world upside down. Small businesses have especially been taking a hit, considering the stricter reopening guidelines and mandated social distancing. Many local businesses are struggling at this time, some even going out of business for good.

But why is this? Because small businesses are usually run by families or people part of the middle class, it could be harder for business owners to get loans, especially during a pandemic. Because of this, many are being forced to reduce staff size and let go of their employees. While this may seem like a good thing, being that they won’t have to pay as many people for work, it means they carry more responsibility on themselves and will need to look for new employees when the pandemic inevitably comes to an end.

But once Covid-19 has run its course, small businesses are still not out of the woods. Small businesses have already sustained on weaker consumer flow than larger companies have. Because of the quarantining, business is nearly nonexistent. Therefore which leaves small, local businesses with little money to work with to reboot their shops once the pandemic is over.

Small businesses are the central source of income for many families and are often tourist attractions for quaint towns. They now, however, are in danger of closing down. If you would like to support your small businesses, make sure to give them sales (ex: ordering for takeout at local restaurants). Make sure to wear a mask should you choose to visit in person!

Kaitlyn Thitibordin

Co-Founder & Creative Director


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