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Mental Health in Quarantine

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Quarantining yourself is important in limiting the spread of infectious diseases but it can also be a scary time filled with fear and uncertainty. Spending extended amounts of time in isolation can take a toll on mental health. The American Psychological Association reports that social isolation carries several health risks: poor sleep, poor cardiovascular health, lower immunity, depressive symptoms, and impaired executive function. During the SARS outbreak in 2002, a survey was sent out, and a number of those surveyed reported feeling isolated while in quarantine as a result of the lack of social and physical contact with others. Some people said that health precautions, such as wearing a face mask, increased their feelings of anxiety and isolation. Individuals in the survey experienced both immediate and short term psychological consequences. While most were short term effects on mental health, there were reports of some long term effects such as 29% of participants displayed PTSD symptoms, while 31.2% had depressive symptoms. There are steps you can take to maintain a healthy mind and mitigate the adverse mental health effects of quarantine. Some steps include: setting a routine, being active every day, and connecting with other people. Setting up a daily routine can give your day structure and a sense of normality. Staying active every day is imperative to maintaining a healthy mind, physical activity, and relaxation techniques can be valuable tools to help you remain calm and continue to protect your health during this time. Sedentary behavior and low levels of physical activity can have adverse effects on the health, well-being, and quality of life of individuals. Lastly, maintaining contact with friends and family can prevent a sense of isolation and loneliness during the quarantine. Staying informed about the pandemic can help ease anxiety, but obsessively checking the news can heighten fear and anxiety. 

By Iris Fan 

Co-founder & Brand Manager


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