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Featured Blog Post: Womenstruation

When I was little, I was not really encouraged to talk about menstruation, especially in

front of my older family members and relatives. Not only was I confused about why periods

occur, but also why I wasn’t allowed to talk about it. Now that I’m older and know about

periods, I can comfortably talk about it with my parents whenever I have questions or concerns.

Menstruation is a fascinating process that happens to almost every single woman on the planet, and I don’t understand why women get shunned for talking about it. Periods are not ‘gross’ or ‘weird’, they’re pretty cool. We need to empower women and encourage them to stand up and talk about light-hearted things like periods, to other heavier topics.

Women are awesome! But, I do understand that the older generation was raised to not

talk about women's issues and menstruation, but it is time that changes. Our periods are not our weaknesses, but our strengths; and it's pretty cool that we get to go through this cycle that perpetuates the entire human species!

By: Saesha Sharda


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