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Featured Blog Post: How A Pipe Burst Changed My Life

Drip, drop, drop, drop. I was comfy and warm, sitting with my mom in her room. It was windy

and brisk outside. I heard the snow starting to fall and winter being in full gear. Drip, drop, drop. I hear my brother coming downstairs, he opens the door to the bathroom and then to the room behind me. He storms right into my parents room, “THERE’S A LEAK, the ceiling is broken!”

The drip, drop, was getting louder and louder. It became more frequent. We rush into the room behind us which at the time was my brothers, and there’s already a vast puddle of water on the floor and the desk. We look above and the ceiling has a hole with water coming out of it faster and faster. We put a trash can below it and panic. We try to save everything in the room that can’t manage to get wet, computer, charger, books etc. We take the trash cans from the other rooms to help prevent the puddle from getting bigger. We panic, there’s a winter storm going into full swing, how are we going to get someone here to help repair the leak? Eventually after an hour of frantic phone calls to every handyman we can find, we get someone to come despite the weather. I’ll never forget that moment. Now that room is mine and the patch of the ceiling is repaired but it’s clear to see it’s patched up and had to be fixed. There’s a reason why this moment has a significant role in my life. Just like a lot of teenagers, I struggle with my mental health. It’s hard for me to stay in touch with my emotions and be vulnerable with others in order to sort out my emotions. One night while looking up at the patched up part of the ceiling I realized something. See what ended up happening that day when there was a leak, a pipe burst which caused the ceiling to break and water to fall out. We weren’t taking care of our heating at the time and it lead to this consequence. If I don’t take care of myself and I keep bottling up my emotions, it’s going to lead to me bursting and creating an even bigger mess.

The “drip, drop, drop” were all signs that something was going wrong but I kept ignoring them. If I keep choosing to ignore my emotions and my problems, I’m going to snowball into a situation I could have avoided weeks ago. I need to take care of myself just like my family learned to take care of the heat during the winter. Now every year we make sure we are doing what we need to do with the heat so we don’t repeat the same problem. That same lesson goes for me too. I need to make sure I’m keeping solid self care habits and good energy around me in order for me to not repeat the same pain and mistakes I’ve made in my past.

By: Zaara Malik


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