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Bipolar Disorder

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Bipolar disorder, which is formally known as manic depression is a condition that causes those with it to experience extreme highs, which may be seen as a state of mania, as well as extreme lows, which is seen in the form of depression. Though the condition only involves a mental issue, those with the disorder may experience social and practical issues that are hard to resolve. Though many of us consider ourselves sympathetic humans, it is easy to classify those with bipolar disorder as “crazy”, even if we keep this label to ourselves. Books, television shows, and movies always portray those with bipolar disorder as the insane character who cannot control themselves. When faced with a situation in which someone tells us they have bipolar disorder, some may immediately reply with something such as “Oh so you’re one of those people!” This kind of statement may not only trigger something within those with the disorder, but also helps to promote harmful stigma which will only lead to those with undiagnosed cases believing that they will not be accepted, and instead shunned for something that is not their fault. In order to help fight against the negative stigma, it is important to research further into the condition so that we as a community can work towards educating others. Many people with this disorder find that they are shut out by friends and family who believe that it would be too much of a hassle to try and help. Therefore, after reading this, you can continue to educate yourself on how we can all stop the spread of harmful mental stigma.          Jackie Kwan Writer


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